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about our Senior PastoR

Pastor Michael Latham Jr.  - Senior Pastor

Michael Latham Jr. is the Pastor of New Horizon Church of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Born and raised in Fort Wayne and is the eldest son of Pastor Michael Latham Sr. and Faye Williams.

Pastor Latham graduated from South Side High School in 2004. He was called into the Gospel Ministry in 2006. Pastor Latham confessed his calling and was licensed to preach the Gospel in 2007 by his father Rev. Michael L. Latham, Sr., of Renaissance Baptist Church. Pastor Latham preached his first sermon in October 2007 and has been preaching the Gospel for 9 years.


Pastor Latham currently serves on the Faith Advisory Board for FWCS. Pastor Latham worked closely with the Youth Department to develop educational and transformational programs that would help the youth mature in their faith, so they could impact the world for Christ. His work with the youth of the church lead him to be a founding member of Uniting Generation NOW, a faith-based organization of young adults from across the Fort Wayne community in the pursuit of God’s purpose and plan for their lives.

Pastor Latham was elected as Pastor of New Horizon Church in April of 2016 and was installed and ordained on June 12, 2016. He was ordained by his mentor, Pastor Anderson Walker, of New Harvest Church of God in Tuscaloosa, AL. Pastor Latham has a unique and personable way of teaching the Word of God. 

Pastor Latham’s heart is to obey God and grow His people to reach their destiny in life. Through his obedience to God Pastor Latham has activated his VISION for the Fort Wayne community by creating a non-for-profit outreach ministry “Kingdom Outreach Ministry”. K.O.M. will allow the people of God to grow into their calling through spiritual, educational, emotional, and physical Christian development. It will also be committed to producing disciples in Christ by way of a Kingdom Mindset.

Pastor Latham is grateful to God for loving parents who gave him what he needed to become a man of God, and who witnessed his first sermon and now his serving as Pastor. He has been married for 9 years to the love of his life, Lady Kristen Latham. He is also the father of four wonderful children: MaKayla, Christian, Madison, and Justice.

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